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En Introduce
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Company Introduction

Wuxi Alous Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. founded in 2011, which is located in LongShan Industrial Zone, Wuxi city. Its been dedicated with electric automatization industry development since 2011. Weve got very mature experience of electrical controlling system design and the whole set equipments production in the electrical field. And also we have experienced and professional engineers and project implementation team. Alous provide professionally electrical control system design drawings(Eplan/CAD), whole set of control panel build, PLC system, software of SCADA system, and human-computer interface development as well as electrical control, instruments installation and commissioning service on site.  

Alous has been providing whole set electrical control panels for mechanical industry, production line industry, conveyer line industry, robots industry and OEM. Our customers were all around China and the world, like USA, Denmark, Malaysia, Philippine, Indonesia, Germany, Russia, India and Thailand .  

The data collecting and processing business of Alous has long term cooperation relationship with some large type enterprises in China, those are large aluminum electricity plant, protein feed production plant, automobile components plant and other large type manufacturers, we supplied PLC auto control system, data collecting system, online analyze and monitor instruments, RVC system, Central control system and other products.

The electrical products produced by Alous were all according with national standard, meanwhile also meet the international standard of related countrys standard according to customers requirements. There were 7,800sets electrical control equipments and 320sets central control data collecting and processing systems were delivered to customers since 11years.

The technical features of Alous electrical control products:

The newest wiring and machining process was used for the control cabinets, modulation and general wires’ quick connector for inside panel and multi-size units combined used for install board. These new production technology is completely different with traditional parts assembling and manual wiring, the products made by this has below advantages: steady, beauty, convenience, environmental, saving material, saving production time, super flexibility and easy maintenance.

Specialize, Alous engineers are very familiar with Siemens PLC, AB PLC and Mitsubishi PLC, especially the Siemens program controlling development system, all engineer in our team have been trained by Germany Siemens company, who can master accurately with electrical control products design and development, the manufactured products were all very standard and mature. Alous team is good at using PC+PLC+MCC+HMI classic controlling solutions for controlling onsite drive overload and make the control accuracy and system operation stability are perfect.   

The standard cabinets and non-standard customized cabinets were used for Alous cabinets structures.

The common components brand are: AB, ABB, Schneider, Siemens, Mitsubishi, OMR, LS, DELIXI, People Electric, Changshu Electric, Rittal and IDEC etc.

Alous team had been delivered thousands electrical automatization equipments since the year of foundation, and also grown many professional technical engineers who are experienced, skillful with products development, configuration, installation and commissioning that make Alous are capable to take over a large amount of orders.

The past successful was our proud for inspiration, the once efforts were precious experience for better creating, in future, Alous will work with partners with eager to the succeed, walking to the dream firmly. We will make it outstanding and uncommon even its just a small thing!


WuXi Alous Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.


Business ContactFu Li


Mobile Phone:13771531308 18061519898

Skype: lifu@zimucp.com


Company Contact Information

TEL+86 051085109555

FAX+86 051085112555

Address: No. 10, YongShan Industrial Park,WuXi


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